About Us
Himalayan Agriculture Farm is a family owned farm, hotel and restaurant. Whether you are coming to Nepal to learn organic farming techniques, traveling the country or and need a room to stay, or simply passing through on your way to Tibet and wish to grab a bite to eat, we have something to offer.

Please check out the services we provide:
• Organic Farm Training
• Hotel & Restaurant

If you have any questions about us and our services, please head over to our Contact Us page, or email us directly at: himalayaagriculturefarm@gmail.com

Most streets outside Kathmandu don’t have names. So you call or email us before your visit then we will help you with directions.

By Bus: From Kathmandu, take a bus to Barbise. Be sure to tell the driver or a fellow passenger where you are going so they can notify you when it is time to exit the bus. The trip will cost a total of around 100 NPR ($1 USD).

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