Travelers are welcome to come learn about organic farming and rural Nepali lifestyle at HAF. If you choose to participate in our training program, you will learn what Nepali lives is really like, outside of the city, while also developing skills and knowledge of organic farming and permaculture. Our farm includes agriculture and live stock and by the end of you stay you will know how to tend to and cultivate both.


Our farm is located in Dhulikel, Nepal, 36 km from Kathmandu. At an elevation of 1280m, and located on the hillside, the climate is relatively moderate. Much of the property is situated in forest area, which provides shade on sunny days, and the rest is located on the open hillside. From our farm, you will have a view of the valley below, as well as a front row seat to the Himalayan Mountains in the background.


We have dedicated our farm to the pursuit, and sharing of organic, farming and permaculture knowledge. Our mission includes but is not limited to the following:


  • To teach foreigners about sustainable, organic farming, and permaculture.
  • Share Nepali, rural lifestyle with the world.
  • Give our students the ability to take what they learn at HAF and apply their knowledge elsewhere.
  • Provide an experience our students will never forget.


We open our doors and welcome people from all around the world as students here at HAF. If you choose to participate in our training programs you will have the ability to select from our variety of courses which range from 2-15 days. Our courses include the following topics:

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